Peeegs is what most of the people call me, i'm a English streamer from sweden. I have two Beautiful daughters that i have every other week, and a Full time job. So the stream is more like a "part-time" job. I stream everyday by doing as meny Educational streams as possible. I focus mostly on the "Endgame" of different Various types of games. The games or Genre that i focus on the most is MMO's/Mmorpg's. The educational streams is to Help other people to get better in the game themselves and provide as much information as possible. So that i can help as meny as possible for those who need help, AND i just love to help other people ^.^

The games that i focus most on is Maplestory 2. and (Variety) other games, depend if it's newly Released or that people recommended to me.

Hope you enjoy the stream and most important, if you need help in any game. Just ask!.

Spel jag spelar

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